Rational Perspective

Rational Perspective

Alec Hogg is a financial journalist who founded Biznews.com. The Rational Perspective podcast is his regular look at people and events in the business news.

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    Paul O'Sullivan on court ruling ejecting NPA chief Shaun Abrahams: "Prosecution floodgates will now open."

    South Africa's famous forensic investigator Paul O'Sullivan has joined thousands of "the good, honest cops" in celebrating today's Constitutional Court judgement which ejected the tainted head of the country's National Prosecuting Authority. He describes the ruling as a watershed in the fight against corruption and State Capture, explains where he will be focusing his attention (hint: wants Shaun The Sheep in jail), and shares his idea of who the best person would be to replace former president Jacob Zuma's legal shield.

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    As authorities start investigating, big bets in wake of Elon Musk's "Tesla going private" tweet

    Pretoria-raised super entrepreneur Elon Musk is a global personality on whom there is no middle ground. His disruptive approach is now challenging long- held stock market rules on the disclosure of share price sensitive information. An unprecedented "going private by tweet" has sparked an investigation by the SEC, delighted fans and emboldened short sellers - further polarising the divisive opinions about the CEO of Tesla. What's certain, though, is this time he will be exposed as an ambitious huckster with an overworked hype machine - or, as his supporters claim, will finally be recognised for his unmatched genius.

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    Another big promise from Musk, but serious investors aren't biting, treat $82bn Tesla buyout as a joke

    South African born entrepreneur Elon Musk is back in the headlines after a move that was outrageous, even by his standards. It came via twitter, where Tesla’s founder has been super-active in recent months as the pressure on his business has escalated. It seems few had any inkling of what he was about to unleash. Musk owns 20% of Tesla’s shares. Apparently he will now buy out the other 80% at a price of $420, with funding already secured. That's far above the highest level the share has traded at. And at a price where lenders would need to stump up $70bn in cash to buy a company that hasn't made a profit in any of its 15 years in business. For context, the biggest ever leveraged buyout was in 2007 when a private equity group that included KKR and Goldman Sachs did a $45bn deal to acquire Texan utility TXU Energy. After surging on the news, Tesla's share price eased back to around $370, a $50 discount to the supposed buyout offer. That tells us everything. Serious investors think it's a hoax.

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    Man who saw the GFC coming, The Big Short star Steve Eisman, warns Tesla's bubble is going to burst

    After this week’s release of its quarterly results to end June, Tesla’s share price jumped from $300 to $330 because the company had burned through $730m in cash – less than the $900m Wall Street’s analysts were expecting. While Elon Musk's fans went wild, cooler heads warned that there is still only enough cash to last until the end of the year. Steve Eisner, immortalised in The Big Short, is among those who are now betting that the Musk magic won't last much longer.

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